ruth and fargo

Ruth and Fargo, her bossy office assistant



If someone asks me who I am I respond, “I’m a family-oriented entrepreneur with a penchant for dogs, writing, and travel. I love helping others.” Supposedly my first sentence was a call to a mangy dog who wandered into our yard. “M’on dog. M’on kitchen.” My mother disliked all animals but tolerated my love for dogs, chickens, rabbits, and other critters.


By the time I reached third grade I had travelled to Canada, not far away; I lived in Ohio. Each fall my family drove to Detroit and crossed the bridge to nearby Canadian towns to buy woolens. I learned that plaids have names. To this day I love Lindsay plaid the best.

Our family flew to Mexico when I was fifteen. Seeing small children speaking another language fascinated me. Miss Rodgers, my exceptionally enthusiastic, high school French teacher, instilled in me a strong desire to see the Eiffel Tower and learn about the culture. When she jumped on a table to demonstrate J’ai peur de la souris or “I’m afraid of the mouse,” I was hooked.I majored in French at Ohio State University.


Several years later I returned to Graduate School at University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh, after I married and had my first child. The second son arrived along with my Masters in Counseling. I worked in several high school programs while struggling with the daily issues of work/life balance.

Stop! Smell the roses in your life. Look for them!


When we moved to Dallas, I established Career Consultations, the umbrella company for my recruiting and outplacement business. I met fascinating people from around the world.

Career counseling intertwined with placing candidates to assure success for client and the new hire. I wrote MORE than a Paycheck to help people move forward with their careers. Now I write fewer business articles and more about extradinary people and places.

Volunteer & Interests

I coordinated a writers’ group through the Sachse and Wylie Public Libraries for three years, as well as becoming the Vice President of the Library Board for the Sachse Library. For several years I served on the Dallas Ft. Worth Recruiters Network Board. I miss the unemployment group I coordinated for nine years at a church in Plano before we moved. My husband and I attend the Sachse First United Methodist Church, a small, growing suburban church. Since the children became adults, my husband and I travel to more places. Additionally, I’m a card carrying member of the Paperweight Collectors of Texas.

Five Little Known Facts about Me

  1. I played in an accordion quartet in high school.
  2. I’ve always wanted a goat.
  3. I wish I could speak Spanish.
  4. I am allergic to nail polish. Seriously, my nails start to fall off and they are not acrylic.
  5. I’ve lived in eight states: Ohio, Michigan, Georgia, Virginia, Wisconsin, Illinois, Minnesota and Texas.

Gift of the Suitcase-TIMELY BOOK FOR YOU

Before I started teaching French, I travelled to France for the summer. I share that experience in my new book, Gift of the Suitcase. The book is my travel memoir which covers a multitude of interwoven stories about life and loss with the message that losing baggage is not always a loss.

You may order NOW through the website, which goes directly to Seattle Book Company for shipment to you. Other distribution sources for you are: Amazon, Nook, and Kindle. More distribution sites added the book. The book is available in paperback and e-book format. Feel free to contact me directly for a book or information to obtain the book.

If you belong to a group which might like a presentation about it or to read it in advance of a question and answer session, please contact me directly. I love to share the story. All my presentations are customized for the group. If you live far from Dallas and would like more information for your interest group, please contact me through Facebook or the Contact Page on this website.

Another author named Ruth Glover wrote Christian novels.  She is deceased.