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Roving with Ruth-her latest articles about uncommon people and places.

Ruth & suitcase

Roving Ruth’s Suitcase Is Ready.


Read about her trip trip to Ohio or her jaunt to Jefferson, Texas. See the article about the trip to Arkansas for “Music and Motorcycles.” Little known fact: she has only ridden a motorcycle once in her life but she thinks the paints jobs can be fabulous.







People and Places: A Plethora of Fabulous Stories about Travel

Rockefeller Center

Rockefeller Center-NYC
Photo by R. Glover

My articles offer beautiful scenery, unusual individuals and extraordinary venues. Enjoy the variety on a monthly basis. Travel offers unbelievable opportunity to learn, grow and entertain. Come along on my journey.

Whether it’s a trip to Switzerland or New York City, I find stories to share with you. I live near Dallas. Frequent visits to Houston and Portland, Oregon to visit my grandchildren give me a chance to comment on those areas more frequently. I find unique places to explore wherever I travel.


Paperweights-Dip into Awe-Inspiring Stories of Paperweights and Art Glass.

faceted paperweight by M. Ayote

Paperweight by Melissa Ayotte

I am a card carrying member of the Paperweight Collectors of Texas. Read about my uncommon hobby. I love the beauty and artistry. The technology fascinates my husband.

We all need a hobby as all work and no play is unhealthy. Sing in the choir, whittle some wood, collect comic books, but don’t let it become addictive. Oh, and be sure to exercise, too! And volunteer. Did I say “all work and no play is unhealthy?” It’s true!






Business and Careers-Extraordinary Entrepreneurs and Career Insight.


Keith Nave, a role model and friend.

Many of the articles in this section help with career change and business situations. As a former recruiter and outplacement consultant, she writes less about business and more about about travel. If you are looking for a new job or career, you may want to search for articles about resumes and interviewing.





Announcements-Upcoming Events, Comments and Meetings

Bow tie quilt block

A quilt block on an attorney’s office in Bonham

Magazine Article

Please read the article published in the Texas Electric Coop magazine about A New Trail in Texas. Bonham, Texas, the county seat for Fannin County, is home to the largest quilt barn trail in Texas. Hear about the community effort for a new reason for a road trip in Northeast Texas. Stop at the Bonham Chamber of Commerce for a map. Take a walking tour to see the 20 quilt blocks on various buildings in this quaint town with fabulous old homes and a town square full of little businesses. Then follow the winding roads to discover the squares which look like quilt blocks on the barns and other buildings.

The trail keeps growing. Recently I revisited the trail to update information for another article about the trail, which is still in draft format. The number of quilt blocks rose from 50+ to 120 in 15 months.