Behind the Scenes


“Whew! The visitors are gone!”

The Birds

While we traveled in Europe in May, a pair of barn swallows built a nest in the eaves of our patio porch. Mama bird already had eggs, which quickly became ugly mouths to feed. My friend Barbara Richardson said, “You’ll be sorry. They are messy.” That…was an understatement.

was an understatement.

I loved watching those homely, tiny creatures become beautiful birds, but I had to move all the furniture away from the eaves. I spent too much time watching with fascination as they became images of their parents while covering the place with excrement. When they learned to fly, we “encouraged” them to leave.

My husband bought a pressure washer and lots of soap. The patio is clean, and the furniture returned for use. Thanks go to Lon Ricker, another friend, for helping install plastic picks on the ledges to prevent another story about barn swallows.

An Update on Andrea and Chirag

I talked with Andrea Heaberg a few days ago. She “starred” in the first issue of Roving Ruth’s monthly newsletter in August 2016. Andrea has ALS, sometimes called “Lou Gerig’s Disease,” a dreadful diagnosis. Her attitude inspires all who surround her as she lives each day to its fullest despite her disability. She and her husband moved to a smaller, one story home in the same neighborhood. Any relocation is stressful, but add downsizing, selling extra furniture and treasures from their travels creates angst. She said friends helped them pack and they are taking their time to arrange the house for comfort and convenience.

Andrea and I discussed the insurance crisis. She’s somewhat encouraged that a new drug to help ALS patients will be released in August. The Food and Drug Administration has not approved any ALS drug for forty-five years. The new drug comes from Europe. She mentioned 700 distributors want to become vendors. Decisions on distribution are the tip of the ice berg. Will Medicare cover the hefty expense? Who will qualify for the drug? Who will be able to afford it?

I sent a note to Chirag Gupta, also mentioned in the first issue to discover his latest news. Here’s his response:“In the past year (July 2016 – July 2017), I have made some great progress at NoD Coworking: I hired my first full-time employee and my company was also featured in D Magazine. On a personal level, I have lost 25 pounds and have completed shifted my focus towards fitness. We’re even making our next entrepreneurship event all about fitness: Startup Weekend: Fitness.”

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