Behind the Scenes – December 2107

Special Event, Special Event, Special Event

Saturday, December 2 gives you a chance to complete your holiday shopping. Wylie is sponsoring an Art Fair and Tree Lighting. Start the day at a huge craft fair at the Baptist Event Center, 200 Ballard Street with 100+ vendors. Grab some food: then go shopping.

The Wylie Art Gallery starts their Creative Gift event at 11:00 a.m. with Creativity for Kids. At 2:00 p.m. a watercolor artist gives a demonstration and guidance to budding artists. At 4:00 p.m. three authors from the Sachse-Wylie Authors Group offer insight for the gift of creative writing. Come early as parking may be chaotic. You don’t want to miss a minute of this interactive discussion about publishing.

Visit with the authors and artists. See you there.

Tulsa Event

 Be sure to read Resistance, about my fabulous trip to Tulsa in this issue.

Southern Methodist University Event

A friend and I attended the SMU event featuring Anne Lamott, prolific writer. Thirty-two-hundred people filled the McFarland Auditorium. She has a new book titled Hallelujah Anyway: Rediscovering Mercy. I’m eager for time to read it.

Private Book Club

I shared old photos I found AFTER I published Gift of the Suitcase. What a delightful group of fun and eloquent participants.

If you are choosing books for your book clubs, think of me. I customize each program.

Behind the Scenes-November 2017

leaves in Portland

Autumn Leaves

The Wylie Art Gallery workroom filled to capacity on a hot October day in Texas for our “Ask the Authors” panel and discussion during OktoberFest. The bratwurst smelled delicious, as it cooked outdoors on the other side of the street.  Several of the artists who show their work in the gallery attended our discussion and Open House which followed.

The crowd asked great questions and participated well. Comments from the audience proclaimed they found value from the four of us. One lady said, “I’m leaving very encouraged. I can do it. It’s taken me 40 years to decide how much I really want to write a book.”

Ask the Authors

Fred speaks frankly!

Ruth Wharton, author of The Valentine Symphony (romance) began the panel discussion with a short version of “Getting Started.” Roger Geiger, author of Face the Bear (adventure) talked about “Time Management,” a huge issue for all authors. My book had 62 possible titles before Gift of the Suitcase (travel memoir) was suggested; therefore, I talked about whether to name the book before or along the way. Fred Holmes, author of Return to Sender (time travel) gave his insight on finding a publisher or self-publishing. He emphasized writers must have a good story to tell and an excellent knowledge of basic punctuation and grammar.

Thanks go to Cheryl Mabry, Director of the Wylie Art Gallery for co-sponsoring the “Ask the Authors” panel on October 14. Thanks to Mike Felix, Mayor of Sachse for taking time to facilitate the presentation. Thanks to Jackie Cestarte and Caron Hughes for helping with communication and social media. The Sachse-Wylie Authors Group will meet early in November to discuss our format for the participants who registered interest.

We’ve been invited to return 12/2/2017 for a repeat performance. That’s the day the  Wylie Baptist Church holds a fabulous annual Holiday Craft Show across the street from the Wylie Art Gallery on Ballard Street.

The Sachse-Wylie Authors Group will meet early in November to discuss our format for the participants who registered interest.

By the way, if you cannot think what to get your aunt or grandma, your friend or someone going through change, think about ordering my book, Gift of the Suitcase. It’s a quick read with an inspiring message.

Do you know?

If you haven’t investigated the Books tab on my website, please do. The drop-down box allows you to find books you may want to order and read.  The first drop-down box offers more insight about Gift of the Suitcase. The second drop-down mentions MORE than a Paycheck, an excellent gift for anyone going through career and job change. I talked to a police officer recently who will retire soon. He already has a construction company he started ten years ago and will increase his hours. That’s the way to do it!

The third drop-down box provides suggested reading: World War II and the Holocaust, others about writing,  I often add and delete books.

Upcoming Event(s)

The Sachse-Wylie Authors Group meets at Sachse First United Methodist Church in Sachse November 1  to discuss a re-organization.

Private book club-discussion of Gift of the Suitcase-November 27, 2017












Upcoming Events

front cover


Place:            Legacy Senior Communities-private

Location:      Plano, Texas

Date:             February 27, 2017

Time:            3:30 p.m.




Photos from the Career Management Partners event.

MORE photos by clicking on Writer/Speaker tab.

friends at CMP event

Taunee, Rick, Vicki, Ruth Sarah, with Bill & Roy in back

Ted & Ruth

Ted Glover-the husband and photographer








Ruth and Locke

Ruth’s long time recruiter friend and volunteer.

My former boss at CMP and good friend-Keith Nave

My former boss at CMP and good friend-Keith Nave








What:   Book Club – private

Date:     October 19, 2016

Time:    7:00 p.m.

Where: Dallas, Texas

Comments from readers:

I read & enjoyed your book. I thought my sister, Janet, might like it also as she lived & traveled in Europe for a number of years and would identify with some of the locales. She called this a.m. to say she received it yesterday, picked up to read a little and read in its entirety.

There were several cities or areas she was not that familiar with and then researched for more information because she has another trip planned for the Fall. Needless to say, she thoroughly enjoyed it.

Dixie Shaw


Friends and Conversations

A few of my friends at the “Meet and Greet” in Wylie.

“Did you know a book club would be meeting at Conversations tonight?” Me

“No, we are really crowded tonight.”  Chris, the co-owner of the Conversations Coffee Bar.

“It was fun to meet your friends.” my neighbor


Sachse Seniors Book Club event

ruth and beret

Wearing my beret!

Thank you so much for speaking at our meeting yesterday. You were a big hit and we are all excited to find out more of your story while reading your book. If you should pursue writing a book about  the love story you had to delete, we would love to have you back.


Eva McKannan

Other comments:

“Enchanting, inspiring and poignant.”

 “Glover is an author who is able to guide the reader so that we can easily fill in our personal experiences that parallel her journey. I found this book to be insightful and entertaining. I hope that Glover has a new suitcase and it is packed for a new adventure.”
“I couldn’t put the book down.”
“I bought the book to read on my vacation.”
“The book is certainly timely.”
Check Amazon for more remarks.
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