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“I pledge alliance…”

An Essay

I finished reading the Lilac Girls, a powerful story of inhumanity. One of my book clubs chose it. I resisted reading it, preferring not to hear about the hideous treatment in concentration camps during World War II. The novel, historical fiction, is based on events surrounding a large group of female prisoners during the Holocaust. The “heroine” is the lady who organized and helped raise funds for a trip for the survivors for rehabilitation and relaxation in the US after the war.

The story needs to be shared again and again. I barely touched on the indignations the children and people encountered during the war in my book Gift of the Suitcase, yet one reader told me she found those passages uncomfortable. Throughout the Lilac Girls, the enormity of the atrocities of war caused me to cringe with sadness, even tears.

We are fortunate to live with freedom. I appreciate my independence. I am living the American dream of doing what I love (writing and traveling). Freedom to write this essay is a blessing, which is cause for celebrations with fireworks and friends.

My first trip to Europe gave me an inkling of how Americans are hated and loved. Shamefully, innocent people continue to be killed throughout the world. Our independence should not be taken for granted or in isolation. I realize the world may never rest in peace, but we, as individuals, can live peacefully.

Let’s try to make our country more lovable. We are a country of mixed heritage. Diversity is a strength. Let’s celebrate our wholeness as a nation. Let’s celebrate our unique heritage and respect others.  Vicious words, rather than constructive discussions, foster hatred. War fosters pain and suffering, no matter who is right and just. A fellow author suggests the Democrats and Republicans need to re-brand themselves. I agree.



Social Media Books for You

When I read J.R. Atkins newsletter yesterday, I contacted him imediately. I knew you’d want J.R.’s titles for your social media understanding.  We met several years ago through a professional group. Our paths continue to cross although he’s a business consultant and I am writer, formerly a recruiter and outplacement consultant. Now I write articles on various topics, work on an upcoming book, and volunteer. To continue understanding technology I follow a number of respected technologists and consultants. J. R. is one of them.  I asked if I could re-publish this wonderful list of books.  I want to read all of them.  Which ones will you pick? He makes it easier for us when we flip to Amazon with its over-abundance of choices.

J. R. Atkins

J.R. Atkins-guest author

Be sure to visit  J. R. Atkins’ website for additional information about him.  Thank you, J. R., for your generosity for my readers to learn more about social media applications. Networking through social media works! And thanks for offering to let me guest author for your readers!

Books I Recommend 

By J.R. Atkins – Guest Author

Re-published by permission from J.R. Atkins’ Newsletter on June 23, 2015

Every time I do a workshop or presentation I end with a list resources including a list of books. At one of my recent talks, someone asked what other books I would recommend for business owners. I have a long list on my website but here is the short list by category.

 Social Media

  1. Socialnomics, by Erik Qualman

“How Social Media transforms the way we live and do business”

  1. Social Media 2.0 by J.R. Atkins

“A cliff notes version of the Big 5 of Social Media “LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Blogging and Video”

  1. Inbound Marketing by Brian Halligan & Dharmesh Shah

“A guide to increasing online visibility and engagement”

Starting a Business

  1. Cash Flow Quadrant by Robert Kiyosaki

“Explains your role as an employee, business owner, self-employed and investor”

  1. eMyth by Michael Gerber

“E is for Entrepreneur. Learn how to work on your business, not just in your business”

  1. The Lean Startup by Eric Ries

“Before you start your business, know what is important and what is fluff”

Building your Business

  1. Crush It by Gary Vanerchuk

“Shows you how to use the power of the Internet and social media to grow your businesses”

  1. Blue Ocean Strategy by W. Chan Kim & Renee Mauborgne

“How to create uncontested market space and make competition irrelevant”

  1. Failing Forward by John C Maxwell

“Taught me how to convert past failures into future success”

Personal Development

  1. Blink by Malcolm Gladwell

“The power of thinking without thinking”

  1. Strength Finder by Tom Wrath

“Discover your strengths, use them and surround yourself with others to cover the gaps”

  1. Elon Musk by Ashlee Vance

“An inside look at a visionary, entrepreneur and billionaire”

I’d love to hear what your favorite books are and why. Drop me a line sometime at

J.R. Atkins has been working with individuals, executives and small businesses since 1993 and on Social Media since 2008. He has a BA in Marketing from Texas A&M University and an MBA from The University of Phoenix, Dallas Campus. J.R. serves as an adjunct professor at Temple College and CTC. He has published 3 books Success Simplified, Social Media 2.0 and Road Map to Success.

4 Reasons to Act Like a Sponge

My Sponge

Act Like A Sponge

Read, read, read.  Then write, write, write!

If you want to write well, you must read and develop your own style. You need to act like a sponge, soaking up books on writing techniques. My writing career began when I wrote my name on the wall with my mom’s bright red, lipstick at age three. Communication is a chore in any walk of life. We write white papers, create advertisements, and make speeches, all requiring exceptional writing skills.

When I decided to write full time, my sponge-like existence grabbed me worse than when I was a child, taking books with me to the movies. I continue to read to see how famous and infamous writers create their works of art. I am recommending four books for you about writing. If you want to write for publication, whether it’s articles, a fiction or non-fiction book, I hope you will read all four. The internet offers a wealth of books, videos and pod-casts for study.  I’m recommending books I read and love.

 Books on Writing Style

  1. “You’ve Got a Book in You”Elizabeth Sims

Ms. Sims writes and edits for Writers Digest, created the Lillian Bird crime novels and “…Book in You” in 2013. Down to earth, a bit a humor and reality are the bones of the book, covering many aspects of writing.

  1. “A Writer’s Coach: The Complete Guide to Writing Strategies That Work”-Jack Hart

Mr. Hart writes from a journalist’s point of view. He is conservative and professorial in his style. His viewpoint shows the reader insight into the mechanics of writing. I could not find a website for him.

  1. “On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft”-Stephen King

Mr. King’s shares fascinating stories of rise to fame through personal angst and funny stories. He began writing this book about the time of his serious accident. Although I’m not a Stephen King fan, I was hooked from the start.

  1. “Bird by Bird: Some Instructions on Writing and Life”-Ann Lamott

Ms. Lamott’s book, introduced to me by a friend in my writers’ group, inspires me more than the rest, as I envy her style and honesty about the fear in writing. Although I found the book a bit long, I’m glad I own this book and will use it as a reference repeatedly.

Your Style

If you want to improve your writing, I urge you to make time to think about your style. Peruse the bookstore or online resources. Look online or at your local library for books on style and stay focused. Soak yourself in the muddy, dingy waters of writing. When my writing sponge is dry, I figure my coffee cup will be empty and my pen (or computer) won’t work any longer.

I list books for you on my website tab “MORE Books.” Please click for a direct link to low prices for them. I’ll be listing more of my favorites for your reading pleasure.



MORE Books for You

ID location

Durango-Silverton Railroad

Summertime and the Living is Eeeezeee. Summertime and the Livin is Freee.” Can you hear me singing that wonderful song? I hope not… singing is not one of my talents. My summer writing series begins today!

Books for Writers

Check my new page for MORE Books, listed on the drop-down list on the Book tab for the current list.  My favorite is Elizabeth Sims book, “You’ve Got a Book in You.”  Three authors offer divergent advice to encourage writers.  Mr. Hart is a journalist. Ms. Sims is an Editor for Writers Digest, a fantastic resource for writers. And did you know Stephen King tells about his writing career? By reading all three books I realize, more than ever, the challenges of creating style and voice.  All urged the reader to diligently learn from mistakes. It would be so much easier to throw the computer out the window because of competition and rejection.

Books for Travelers

Later, I want to provide a few favorite titles for your pleasure. Although writers must read to be good writers, any of my readers may appreciate suggested titles. I would double my reading time, if I could.

Since I’m a Francophile, I adore books about France. I may suggest a mystery or fiction book taking place in Paris or other French location to whet your appetite for future exploration or vicarious vacations from reality. I doubt I’ll recommend travel books as you know how to find them in your library or bookstore.

Books for Change

Career books help change lives. I want to suggest new, enticing books to encourage you to keep moving forward!

Books for Relaxation and Reflection

Summer is a time for rest and reflection.  Watch for MORE books to appear to keep you moving forward. Books are an investment in you.

MORE Books

Ruth table at Author Con

Books, books and MORE books. Fascinating books for readers and writers about World War II, foreign places, and gain knowledge for inspiration.


Books taking place in foreign places

A Good Place to Hide-Peter Grose –written in 2015, historical non-fiction-excellent details about the saving of the Jewish children and adults during WWII by the townspeople in Chambon-sur-Lignon, old photos included.

Lest Innocent Blood Be Shed– Philip Hallie-written in 1979-very detailed, interesting photos-historical non-fiction from a professor’s viewpoint of Chambon-sur-Lignon during WWII.

Doors to Madame Marie-Odette Meyers-written in 1997, novel based on true story, set in Germany

The Nightingale-Kristen Hannah-best seller-excellent novel about WWII

Sarah’s Key-Titiana de Rosnay-another bestseller and movie from 2011 about one family’s Holocaust horrors

All the Light We Cannot See-Anthony Doerr-best seller-excellent WWII story in France and Germany setting

Lilac GirlsMartha Hall Kelly-best seller-a novel based on the sulfa experiments in Ravensbruck, Nazi concentration camp during the Holocaust. Takes place in Germany, Poland, France and the U.S. A story which needs telling but difficult for the overly compassionate to read.

The Last Time I Saw Paris-Lynn Sheene-novel-takes place during WWII

Paris: A Love Story-Kati Marton-memoir about her life as the wife & ex-wife of Peter Jennings

An extensive book list with much insight about Auschwitz and World War II:


MORE books about the Holocaust:

Hidden on the Mountain – DeSaix & Ruelle – Stories of Children Sheltered from the Nazis in Le Chambon (new to list)

Hitler’s Art Thief-Susan Ronald – How Hildebrand Gurlitt succeeded in looting  in the name of the Third Reich

Auschwitz #34207:The Joe Rubinstein Story-Nancy Sprowell Geise – How Joe survived several concentration camps, arrived in the US to become a famous shoe designer through faith and courage.

The Bones of Time-Liliane Richman – A memoir from a Jewish child who lived through the 1940’s. She lived with a Catholic family in Southern France. Later reunited with her family later.

If you have a favorite that takes place in France or other European countries, please let me know at ruth@ruthglover.com

You may register for Roving Ruth, her free, monthly newsletter, at the top right-hand corner of my website. I share stories about uncommon people and places.

Gift of the Suitcase, Ruth’s travel memoir, is available through https://www.ruthglover.com, Amazon, Barnes & Noble Kindle, Nook, Kobo and directly from the author. Her work number is 972-208-2333 and her email is ruth@ruthglover.com. Your input after you read it on an Amazon or Barnes and Noble review will be greatly appreciated by other readers. If you live in the Dallas area, feel free to call her as most of the time she will have books on hand. 



Elements of Style-Strunk and White

Write Right!-JanVenolia

English Grammar for DummiesGeraldine Woods

The AP Stylebook-updated periodically

STYLES: Which Fits YOU Best?

You’ve Got a Book in You: A Stress Free Guide to the Book of Your Dreams-Elizabeth Sims

A Writer’s Coach:The Complete Guide to Writing Strategies That Work -Jack Hart (Journalist’s View)

The Writing Life-Annie Dillard

On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft-Stephen King

Bird by Bird-Anne LaMott


Story Engineering– Larry Brooks

Larry Brooks-series for writers

Mystery writers-Larry Brooks is a “must read” for step-by-step approach. I heard him speak eloquently and acerbically at an authors’ conference.  Check out all his books at your favorite bookstore or online book sellers websites.

Writers Digest-Magazine Subscription-a MUST for all writers










Success in Sachse: Author Con 2015

Enjoy the pictures from Author Con 2015!

Y’all come right in, folks! See the 20 authors, selling their books. The first Author Con event, a book fair in the small suburban community of Sachse outside Dallas happened on May 19. Led by the Director of the Sachse Public Library, Mignon Morse created a successful community event, demonstrating the friendliness of this tiny library.


Friends of the Library and the Sachse Wylie Authors Group  (SWAG) supported the event, finding authors and spreading the word to the public. Community leaders attended, making it a friendly, family affair. Mike Felix, the Mayor, visited with the authors, his friends and colleagues. Sachse, a growing community, is home to many new residents with little immediate awareness of the fabulous friendliness of the little town of 20,000, located just east of Plano/Murphy and north of Garland.

With new construction and a shortage of homes in the DFW area, the new people in Sachse become aware of the community services through events such as Author Con. They join the city boards, such as the Library Board and help with Planning and Zoning issues, become members of the Chamber of Commerce and create new businesses.

The library is one stop for having a great life in the suburbs.


Reavis Writes Again

Sachse Public Library-Special Event

 Footsteps to Mysteries


Reavis Z. Wortham

Reavis Z. Wortham knew he wanted to be a writer from the time he was 10, living in East Texas, where he hunted and fished for fun in the woods.  He’ll talk about the footsteps he took on the road from a 30+year career in public education to becoming the critically acclaimed author of the Red River Mystery Series.  A few years ago he retired as the Director of Communications at the Garland Public Schools with no hesitation in moving forward with his passion for writing.  His awards and recommendations from noted authors and producers keep him writing thoroughly enjoyable, realistic southwest mysteries. Through personal stories and anecdotes, Wortham will discuss his own journey,  through the process of writing and publishing that book we all have inside.  He’ll preview his latest book Vengence is Mine: A Red River Mystery.  You can read details about his latest book at http://reaviszwortham.com/

Other Reavis Wortham Books:

The Rock Hole: A Red River Mystery

Burrows: A Red River Mystery

The Right Side of Wrong: A Red River Mystery

Doreen’s 24 Hr Eat Gas Now Cafe 

He’ll share where he finds his characters and why his latest mystery has a touch of Las Vegas added to his East Texas cronies.  He knows how to tell a good story, both online, on paper and in person.  You won’t want to miss meeting him.  Don’t miss this opportunity to hear how he works with the Poison Pen Publishing Company for the next book to amuse and entertain his readers.

cowboy boots and hat

These boots are made for writing!

Date:               October 7, 2014

Time:               7:00 – 8:30 p.m.

Location:         3815 Sachse Road, Sachse, TX


Come early.  Bring a friend  and your neighbors.

Door prizes and refreshments will be available.

You do NOT need to live in Sachse to attend this free presentation.