Writing a Resume Is Like Writing a Best Seller

thumbs up

Thumbs up for a winning resume.

Lighting struck me last week when I attended a fabulous writing conference in Portland, Oregon. I had the good fortune to hear Luke Ryan*, who was Executive Producer for “Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle.”  His impressive career in the film industry is relevant to writers.  He knows how to choose a great story.

Writing your resume is like writing a best seller, which could eventually be a blockbuster movie. Writing an extraordinary resume could eventually find you the best job of your life. Here are points for you to ponder to make your resume a “winner.”

Summary:  “Your log line needs to say it all concisely and quickly.”
Use action words: “Make it real.”
Duties/ responsibilities: “What is your story? What genre is your book?”
Accomplishments: “Correct the flaws, solve the conflict.”
Limit words to 1000: “Would someone want to read it?”
Focus, focus, focus: “Bake the theme into your work.”
Grab attention: “Show the right way to live through with your character (YOU).”
Downplay what is not important: “Subplots shouldn’t be an additional story.”
Customize it for your reader: “Make it all come together.”

Mr. Ryan shared funny, relevant stories to help the audience. He didn’t try to sell himself, but gave excellent content that demonstrated he knows what he’s saying. He awakened our emotions to the fact that it’s not just a story, but the emotional impact on the audience, which is critical.

win the award

Will your resume win the job?

What emotional impact will your resume have when the possible new employer reads your resume? Will he or she say when opening your resume, “Crap! I don’t need another detailed, over-qualified engineer.” Or will the response be, “Wow, this guy has the credentials and experience we need for the job!”

Read your resume. Would you want to work with the person on that resume? Is he or she outstanding or not? Employers want exceptional employees. Your resume content must garner attention for winning an academy award… or a remarkable, well-suited job!

Now go revise that resume! Make it resonate!

*Also involved in Valentines Day, Halloween, The King’s Ransom and other film endeavors.