Children Crossing the Border

Crossing the border

Who will help the children crossing the border?

I’m fearful watching television sometimes. I suppose everyone is fearful watching TV sometimes. Today I’m fearful for the children crossing our borders. I’m fearful for what I see happening when busloads of children arrive in a small town in California, only to be heckled and turned away.

What parents would pay a smuggler to bring children across the border? Desperate parents, I’m sure. Tired parents, ones who see no future for themselves or their children. Parents who want a better life than they live, where poverty, drugs, and lack of work dominate. That’s who!

Two Sides

I understand the consternation of the people demonstrating, yet it makes me so scared to think that the melting pot, which is the United States, has no place for these children to stay. What is happening to morality? Where is the humanity?

Hatred is evil. Hatred turns to persecutions and unreasonable, yes, evil results. We must address the issue of the border children in a reasonable manner, or the situation can only escalate. If you are familiar with the stories from the Holocaust, perhaps you know someone who lost  a grandparent or aunt or uncle in the midst of the Nazi hatred which spread so quickly.  Perhaps you’ve read stories about how Jewish parents during the Holocaust left their children behind when they boarded trains to their deaths.  We need to step forward to help the children coming across our borders.

This week I heard a friend tell me that some of the teenagers are being sent to start street gangs and drug wars. Perhaps that is true. The numbers arriving are astounding. But those teenagers need homes and love with the hope of saving them from the streets. The homes where they will go need attenion quickly.

Help for the Children

We are a rich nation. We’ve had hard times. But most people do not know what it’s like to leave their homes with nothing but a backpack and a little lunch to travel miles and miles to a place where they are cooped up like the families in internment camps. They sleep on mats, not knowing what to do or how much suffering is yet to come.  How scary is that?

Crossing the Border

We need courage to help the children crossing the border.

We need to come together, especially in the southern states to reach out to help people.  Where is the morality?  Do you recall how many Jews and their supporters died in the early 1940’s?

Yes, I’m scared today. Would I take a child or children into my home? I’d be darned scared and try to minimize the risk, but sending children to internment camps without proper sanitation and adequate food is just around the corner if we don’t realize that humans are sacred beings. If you are a believer, you know that a living person is precious. These precious children need helping hands, not voices of hatred surrounding their situation. We need courage to do the right thing!