What Does Your Photo Say?

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What does this picture say?

What does your photo say? On LinkedIn or Facebook, what does your picture project to others? Do you have a professional or casual photo? What do you want your photo to say about you?

Your photo can kill the reader’s interest quicker than a large Texas jackrabbit being chased by a hunting dog. If you are pictured on a motorcycle on LinkedIn, is it a hobby, a sales pitch or what?

Posting a Photo

I hate to have my photo taken, almost as much as I hate to exercise. When I f joined LinkedIn, I resisted putting my photo online. Why would I want my picture online? The world appreciates youth, beauty, babies and animals. I am none of those. A colleague in outplacement where we taught people how to find jobs reprimanded me. “When you meet a new person, like a candidate or employer, the person may have researched you and won’t recognize you. You need to post a picture.” He’s right. Our photos may be viewed for many reasons. And it’s illegal (sometimes) and rude to ask someone’s age. Providing a picture shows professionalism and personality.

Facebook and Websites

If you have your own website, your picture makes an imprint on your viewer. Recently, I heard a speaker unequivocally say we should share information about our families on our websites. Getting our large family together is difficult. With almost ten grand-children (one more is expected in September), getting everyone to smile at the same time…impossible! I’m willing to post information about my family on my personal Facebook rather than my website. The guy on the motorcycle may love to ride but maybe it would be better on Facebook than LinkedIn. My conclusion about family photos: it depends on focus.

Facebook offers a page for businesses, as well as personal posts. I post my articles and other business items to insure business friends and contacts see my most recent motivation for moving forward.

Business to Business

At one point when I first posted on LinkedIn, I used a picture of my dog on my LinkedIn page, rather than my photo. Eeuuu! Terrible! LinkedIn is Business-to-Business social networking. What a blunder!

Let’s keep LinkedIn for business. Is your picture an out-of-focus selfie? What does that project for people looking at you? Are you proud of the picture? Is your work rather out of focus with lack of detail? Remember your picture represents you!


Family pictures on LinkedIn-Would you take your spouse or significant other to work with you? Would you need to call for permission to go out for a beer? Would you be on the phone with family issues?

Drinking pictures-If most of your Facebook pictures show you drinking, your viewers may conclude you might have a problem.

Confidence-Looking down, too serious, scruffy attire and appearance may indicate a lack of confidence.

You don’t need to be in a suit and tie to look cool and confident. I’m updating my website and need some new, more casual shots. Taking my own advice may not be easy!