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Life is full of peaks and valleys. Words inspire us to cope with the unexpected. Whether traveling internationally or in our own communities, we learn from our flaws and mistakes. Life is full of twists and turns. I write about uncommon people and places: stories to make a difference in lives.



I speak to groups, both small and large, on inspirational topics. If you need a speaker, please contact me. My presentations are interactive, taking from 60-90 minutes. The theme helps you move forward with your journey.

Interactive Presentations

Losing Your Baggage Is Not Always a Loss (Inspirational)- about writing Gift of the Suitcase and the story

The Pilgrimage (Spiritual)-excellent presentation for a religious group, including Bible verses and history.

Invest in Yourself: Write NOW (Educational)-for aspiring authors, writers and those who want to preserve their history.

Is Your Weight Valuable (Paperweights)- the art and science of paperweights.

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video with Crilley


CMP party

Sara Owen, Darren McKnight and Ruth having fun.


4 HR people

Ruth, Joe, Vicki & Sarah at the CMP party








Larry Sherrell and Ruth

Larry Sherrell and Ruth

three friends

Former volunteers at the JOB Group at Custer Road UMC












Billy the Kid Rides Again in Hico

Billy the Kid has a long, notorious history in the Southwest.  Strong controversy among historians exists between the two Billy the Kid Museums, one in the central Texas town of Hico and the other in Fort Sumpter, New Mexico.  Since I’m a “naturalized” Texan, I want you to know about the guaranteed good time you and your family will experience, if you visit Hico this spring to see their museum and visit nearby sites.  We may not know if Billy is actually buried in Hico, but you’ll have more fun if you just “forgettabout it!”

red hot rod

One of 100+ cars in Hico last year.

Billy the Kid Event

Hico, teeming with cowboy culture, celebrates it’s 4th Annual Billy the Kid Rides Again on April 5, as 100+ hot rods and antique cars roar into town.  If you have a classic or vintage car you’d like to show, registration ends 3/28/14 with the cars parking outside the Billy the Kid Museum at 8:00 a.m. on event day.  See more details about the event at www.billythekidmuseum.com.  Listen to the video to hear the southern drawls of the sweet ladies providing details.  Note the unusual, “classy country” leather jackets which will be rewarded to the best entries on the website. Does this mean the women will get “shabby chic” coats?


If you are a car “nut” or just want to watch the hullabaloo, you’ll need to make reservations for a place to stay.  Hico is small, with less than 1500 people.  Yet, Hico is home to at least three bed and breakfasts.  You may want to stay in a neighboring town if reservations are difficult to find.  Check out the Old Rock House Inn, Hico’s Nothin’ But Time, and the latest entry in the B&B lodging, The Upstairs Inn on Pecan Street.  Be sure to talk with owner, Jennifer Jones, who recently restored the old stone building mid-town with a drink shop on the lower level and  lovely bedrooms upstairs.  Visit the Hico Chamber of Commerce website for additional places to contact. Camping and RV camps are nearby.

Inside chocolate shop

Wiseman Chocolate House in Hico


You will find an abundance of fabulous Texas vittles, including everything from tacos to tenderloin and chicken fried chicken.  When my husband I stopped for a quick cup of coffee at the Koffee Kup Café, we ruined our “healthy eating habits” with biscuits and doughnuts.  We plan to return for the car show and try their glorious looking pies, famous throughout Texas.

Another discovery, next to the café is Wiseman House Chocolates, a fantastic treat.  I visited briefly with the sales lady, who commented, “Our chocolates made it to the last Inauguration Ball.  I don’t know if Obama actually ate any of our chocolates, but we are known world wide.”  Wiseman’s chocolates are in a beautiful, restored mansion, housing, selling not only critically acclaimed chocolate, but gift items and clever t-shirts.  I think I spent more money in that chocolate shop than at my destination.  Don’t plan on “rabbit food” in Hico!

Koffee Kup Cafe

Can you smell the coffee?

Where is Hico

Hico is located in Hill Country, where Highways 281 and 6 intersect.  This is your opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the flowers and cactus along the way.  From the Dallas-Fort Worth area, it will take from 90 minutes to 2 hours from Dallas-Fort Worth.  You could do a day trip, but staying overnight will help you relax and enjoy the day.  Hico is on the road to Fredericksburg (another fun venue), but if you are traveling with a car buff on April 5th, I don’t think you’ll go farther than Hico.  And you certainly won’t care whether Billy the Kid is buried there or in New Mexico!

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