straight road

The road is rarely straight.

Life is full of peaks and valleys. Get ready to depart your recliner, office or cubicle with inspiring stories to help you move forward. The eclectic array of articles offers places to visit and read about people who make a difference. Words, spoken or written, help us survive the daily grind and find new joy, as we learn and grow, despite our challenges.

My Books

Gift of the Suitcase starts when I graduated from Ohio State University. My parents gave me a large, gray suitcase and a round-trip ticket to France. The suitcase disappeared on a ferry when I crossed the Channel into France. The summer job in Lyon, France fizzled out like a tiny birthday candle. But the trip left an indelible affect on my life.

As we travel through life, we all suffer loss. This travel memoir takes the reader through unexpected life changes where international travel often played a role. Whether moving through marriage, divorce, illness or other events, we cope. The kindness of people shines on our lives.


I speak to groups, both small and large, on inspirational topics. If you need a speaker, please contact me. My presentations are interactive, taking from 60-90 minutes. The theme, of course, helps you move forward with your journey.

-Invest in Yourself: Write NOW (Educational)-for aspiring authors, writers and those who want to preserve their history

-The Pilgrimage (Spiritual)-excellent presentation for a religious group, including Bible verses and history

-Is Your Weight Valuable (Paperweights)- the art and science of paperweights

-Losing Your Baggage Is Not Always a Loss (Inspirational)- about writing Gift of the Suitcase and the story

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Video on Jeff Crilley’s Show

In January 2017 Jeff Crilley, owner of Real News PR and former, local TV reporter asked me to talk about my book on his radio show. Click on the book cover below to listen to what I had to say. I enjoyed the experience.

video with Crilley

Click on the book cover to see Ruth on the Jeff Crilley Show




CMP party

Sara Owen, Darren McKnight and Ruth having fun.


4 HR people

Ruth, Joe, Vicki & Sarah at the CMP party








Larry Sherrell and Ruth

Larry Sherrell and Ruth

three friends

Former volunteers at the JOB Group at Custer Road UMC