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Mountains & Flowers near Banff, Canada

Life is full of peaks and valleys. Words inspire us to cope with the unexpected. Whether traveling internationally or in our own communities, we learn from our flaws and mistakes. Life is full of twists and turns. I write about uncommon people and places: stories to make a difference in lives.



I speak to groups, both small and large, on inspirational topics. If you need a speaker, please contact me. My presentations are interactive, taking from 60-90 minutes. The theme helps you move forward with your journey.

Interactive Presentations

Losing Your Baggage Is Not Always a Loss (Inspirational)- about writing Gift of the Suitcase and the story

The Pilgrimage (Spiritual)-excellent presentation for a religious group, including Bible verses and history.

Invest in Yourself: Write NOW (Educational)-for aspiring authors, writers and those who want to preserve their history.

Is Your Weight Valuable (Paperweights)- the art and science of paperweights.

Call for details.


video with Crilley


CMP party

Sara Owen, Darren McKnight and Ruth having fun.


4 HR people

Ruth, Joe, Vicki & Sarah at the CMP party








Larry Sherrell and Ruth

Larry Sherrell and Ruth

three friends

Former volunteers at the JOB Group at Custer Road UMC