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    How Much Is Enough

    Peace for you

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    Overheard Recently

    “Enough!” she exclaimed. “How much is enough to spend on Christmas? Our bills are high but I want the baby’s first Christmas to be fabulous.”

    “Honey, we don’t have enough to pay the car insurance bill this month. The checkbook is  which is thinner than your pretty nail polish.  We cannot max out more credit cards.”

    “Well, that just sucks! Why don’t you get a better job?”

    “I like my job. Remember when the boss gave us extra when the baby was born?”

    “Yeh, but what about a Christmas bonus?  The baby needs new clothes and lots of toys under the tree.”

    “Well, I’m glad I have a job!”

    Facing the Issues

    How many families do you know facing the same issues? How much is enough? Are you worried about whether you have enough to retire? Enough to eat? Enough time with your children? Enough to buy a pizza when you come home dead tired?  Determining how much is enough can be daunting.

    People can be frivolous and frantic about money, when it’s the season for joy, hope, love and peace. Too many of us squander our money and fail to realize outrageous spending does not create happiness. During this season, we need to dig deep to determine what is important in our lives.

    Finding Meaning in the Holiday

    If you are religious, Christmas is about the birth of Jesus with the chance to revisit the meaning of Christ-mas. If you are Jewish, it’s a chance to think about the Festival of Lights, celebrating with family, friends and food. If you simply celebrate Christmas because it’s a time to honor those close to you, you want gifts to be special. How you celebrate the religious holiday is your own business, but overspending or giving gifts to “show off” makes no sense. Why not make your gifts?  Maybe draw names, especially with a big family? How can you make this holiday wonderful without more debt?

    Take time to think about the season. Think about how often we worry about what is enough. How about contemplating giving more love, comfort, forgiveness, and concern for those struggling with the issues of losing a loved one, health problems, sleeping on a bare floor or thinking no one cares.

    Let’s not think so much about whether we have enough. Let’s find joy in giving more than material gifts.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

    Reposted from 2014.