I love words.  They help or hinder progress and change.  We need the right words to learn and grow.  That’s what I’d like to share with you…words.  I love to write.  I write about careers, fascinating people, places and incidents.  Sometimes I rant and ramble.  I write for you!

I love words.  Sometimes I speak to both small and large groups.  Usually I speak to inspire and encourage you to move forward, especially with your work.

I train people to find new careers and jobs.  Sometimes we must take a job, due to circumstances.  Sometimes we try follow our dreams.  Sometimes we fail and sometimes find we are wildly successful.

Yes, I love words.

Ruth shares how to find MORE than a paycheck through her writing, speaking and training… people, places and transitions.

Ruth wrote MORE than a Paycheck: Inspiration and Tools for Career Change, while she worked as a recruiter and outplacement consultant and actively volunteered with people in job or career change.  Check the articles and buy her book, if you are focusing on career change.

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    My Article Went Global



    A MacNaught Paperweight

    I’m elated! An article I wrote in May 2014 went global this week. Volunteering to Preserve Paperweight History  was published in the Paperweight Collectors Association newsletter this week. Originally I wrote the article for the Paperweight Collectors Association of Texas newsletter. Someone in the national organization read it and contacted the PCA-
    Texas newsletter coordinator to ask if the national organization could re-print it. Members of PCA are paperweight collectors and artists all over the world.

    The national group meets this year in Tacoma from 4/29-5/2. Click on their website for details.

    Our Texas group meets 2/5-2/7 in Houston. Check their website for details. Check my website to read my “global” re-gifting to you, as I originally posted the article on my website to encourage you to volunteer.