I love words.  They help or hinder progress and change.  We need the right words to learn and grow.  That’s what I’d like to share with you…words.  I love to write.  I write about careers, fascinating people, places and incidents.  Sometimes I rant and ramble.  I write for you!

I love words.  Sometimes I speak to both small and large groups.  Usually I speak to inspire and encourage you to move forward, especially with your work.

I train people to find new careers and jobs.  Sometimes we must take a job, due to circumstances.  Sometimes we try follow our dreams.  Sometimes we fail and sometimes find we are wildly successful.

Yes, I love words.

Ruth shares how to find MORE than a paycheck through her writing, speaking and training… people, places and transitions.

Ruth wrote MORE than a Paycheck: Inspiration and Tools for Career Change, while she worked as a recruiter and outplacement consultant and actively volunteered with people in job or career change.  Check the articles and buy her book, if you are focusing on career change.

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  • Featured Article

    MOVING FORWARD: Choices for Success

    See new ways for improving standard job search when Ruth Glover presents Moving Forward: Choices for Success.

    Geese moving forward to a better place.

    Geese moving forward to a better place.

    What new choices can you make to enhance your progress? By looking carefully at your own job search process during the presentation, you will see new ways to seize opportunity through less traditional methods.

    Change happens accidentally and on purpose. Change can be gradual or sudden. Your attitude, tenacity and search process help “moving forward.” Ruth gives you a step by step process, while sharing her recent experience in moving from Recruiter and Outplacement Consultant to Writer. This interactive workshop helps you see alternative choices for success.

    Location, Location, Location

    Please join us Monday, December 1 at the Carrollton Focus Group at Prince of Peace Lutheran Church, located at 4000 Midway Road (corner of Midway/Plano Parkway) at 10:00 a.m.   The group, for unemployed, under-employed and people considering alternative careers meets weekly on Monday mornings.

    Leave inspired with new ideas for Moving Forward! Prepare for the New Year while you network during the holidays.