Life bursts with joy and sadness. When unexpected sadness envelopes us we imagine we can never be happy again. Life may change forever but evolve into new, enriched experiences.

Who and what impacted your life? Parents? A teacher? Your religion? A special friend?

My new book, “Gift of the Suitcase,” is a story of unexpected events, both large and small. It starts when I graduated from college with high expectations for the future. My travel through life proves that twists and turns create unforeseen opportunities.

“Gift of the Suitcase,” will be released in a few weeks. Watch for the date to pre-order the book. The travel memoir shares why “losing baggage is not always a loss.” 

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    What Does Your Book Cover Show?


    wordleOur mothers told us, “You can tell a book by its cover,” which we translated to mean we need to show the world our personality by being neat, tidy, and saying the right things. As we become adults we realize our inside is more important.

    I’m forced to think how my upcoming book cover will help my readers understand what’s inside. I know the story is engaging, but how can I express it on the book cover?

    The publishing team is working hard to assure the book cover is exceptional. The name of the book is “Gift of the Suitcase,” a travel memoir with the clear message that losing baggage is not always a loss. The cover is critical.


    What font should we use? That one is easy for me. I don’t like fancy. I know I want the title bigger than my name. I know the size of the font and inside design are fine. I agree with the dimensions of the book.


    The first iteration of the book cover displayed big red letters. I don’t think I’m a “red” person. I use my favorite colors in my logo, but if we use those colors, will it capture the person who is a Francophile walking past it in Barnes and Nobles? Will it capture the person who has visited Paris recently? It’s not a story about Paris, but needs to demonstrates international travel. Will the old gray suitcase be enough on the cover? I think not. If I use orange on the cover will that attract or repel? A little color test I took says I’m orange, which shows optimism. Maybe orange.

    The Head Shot or Casual

    My photograph album contains a few of my head shots but they seem too serious. My book contains humor, sadness, and happiness. The tiny online picture needs to exhibit my love to laugh but also my serious side. The photo on the back cover may be one inch by one inch. I sent the publisher a couple of candid shots. Did I do the right thing?

    All these decisions make my head swim. I’m not a perfectionist but I do want to share my story with as many people as possible.

    Will my unruly hair keep people from doubting my ability to write a book? I doubt it. Donald Trump’s hair is surely worse than mine, yet he’s running for President. I worry too much.

    We make decisions daily on how the world views us. What would a book cover look like about you? Think about it. It’s a fascinating question to ponder. Feel free to comment.