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    Wills: What You Need to Know NOW

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    Is your will up to date? Family protected?

    When Melissa and her husband, a young happily married couple, started raising a family, they bought a little insurance, adding to the amount over the next few years.  Greg, a metropolitan, undercover police officer, knew he lived a high risk life: he never thought the cause of his death would be cancer.  But sweet Melissa and their two young daughters were protected, when he was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer.  He fought it with every fiber in his body, but two years later, he died.  Melissa, grief stricken, was shocked that the investment would cover her immediate needs of paying their debts, plus enough for the two children’s education.

    Do you have a will?  Is your will up to date?  Do you know what you need to know about wills NOW?

    Young, but Wise

    Like most families, they didn’t spend time discussing any potential crisis, but before Greg was diagnosed, their financial planner, whom they contacted yearly for an update,  suggested they see an attorney who creates wills and trusts.  They decided on a trust, which cost a little more, but made their unforeseen tragedy less complex at that time.

    Emotionally, when Greg died, she was a wreck, trying to juggle a job, child care and managing the extra curricular activities her children loved.  The good news was the family finances were safe and no family feud erupted. Be sure to click here for to see and hear Melissa tell the story in her words.

    Emotions explode like fireworks when a death occurs, whether the deceased is young, old or middle aged.  Are you prepared?

    Could This Happen to You

    Do you own a business?  Is your estate planning in order?  “Bubba,” the owner of a large, wealthy car dealership in Georgia left everything to his wife, who had no business background other than attending and coordinating fund raising events.  She had a good heart and wanted to keep the people working but sales plummeted and the business started downhill faster than Niagara Falls.  The economy and lack of business savvy took its toll. Three years from the time of “Bubba’s” death, “Grace” lost the business.

    “Grace” is an elegant, well-dressed lady, age 70,  with bright red nails and beautifully styled hair.  She works at a local mall in a jewelry store.  She earns minimum wage and receives a little commission, but her resources are in shambles.  Their will gave everything to her five years ago and it’s just about gone.  She needs a better job and good health to continue to support herself for a long time.  They had a simple will that neglected critical issues.

     Estate Planning

    Estate planning, especially for small to medium sized businesses, is essential.  Whether you are wealthy or simply making ends meet, you need a will.  If it’s a simple will, using an online template may be safe.  But, if you own a business or your estate is complex, your will needs a reputable attorney’s attention.  The will or trust after your death can mean the difference in what happens to your family and hard earned money.

    We need to protect our families.  If you don’t have a will, put a date on your calendar to complete it .  Your family’s health and welfare are at stake.

    If you live in the Plano, Wylie, Sachse, Garland, Rowlett area, save Thursday, May 29 for an Estate Planning presentation by W. Tyler Edmondson at the Sachse Public Library, 3815 Sachse Road in Sachse, Texas at 7:00 p. m, sponsored by the Friends of the Sachse Library.  It’s free and Mr. Edmondson is giving a will  as a door prize to a lucky person in attendance!.