Uncommon people and places surround us. Look around you. They are just like us, but they deserve recognition for their courage and kindness. Uncommon people and places encourage us to smell the flowers on our journey. Visit a museum. Find a new hobby. Attend a “meet-up.” Volunteer. Buy flowers for a friend. Make a phone call to someone you miss. Do something uncommon today.


Roving Ruth


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Flower mix

Quote for the Month

The smallest gift of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention.

Oscar Wilde


Community Market

September 9, 201i7

Sachse First United Methodist Church

9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Vendors (including me)

Please stop to visit, if you attend!

SAVE THE DATE: October 14, 2017

MORE information to come!


Do you have a friend with a heartache? Whether the problem is an impending divorce, a health issue, a disruptive event, Gift of the Suitcase, is a good gift for that individual. You can order it through my website, Amazon or purchase it at my presentations. The book offers hope, beautiful scenery, a little humor and the message that “Losing baggage is not always a loss.”

The story begins when I graduated from college with high expectations for the future. My travel through life proves that twists and turns create unforeseen opportunities. With a touch of laughter and spirituality, we see how kindness helps with chaos, today and throughout history.


I want people to read the book, to understand the message for its relevance in today’s world. Your Amazon review will help others decide whether it’s worthwhile. Order your copy today as a gift to yourself or others.

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