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    “Some people talk to animals. Not many listen though. That’s the problem.”

    A. A. Milne, Winnie-the-Poo

    mountain view

    Unleashed near Mountain View, AR

    We took a short vacation to Mountain View, Arkansas last week to unleash from the city and electronic devices. Fargo, our six-year-old rescued dog, whose name evolved from “going far” with us, slept most of the eight hours on the road to the cabin in the mountains. We knew no internet service would be available at the lodge. Our abode for five days huddled in the foothills of a mountain about five miles outside the town near the White River. The Motorcycles and Music Festival happens mid-August in Mountain View. With a car show for my husband on Saturday morning and my love of music, we hit the road.

    Unleashed from the City

    Since we knew our arrival would be late, the owner and I agreed he would leave the key on the coffee table with the door unlocked. But we couldn’t find “our” property. The cell phones showed “no service.” Whoops! We returned to the village where 4G would help the tired and hungry threesome call the owner. His kind, genteel manner helped assuage our discomfort; he met us at the office and we followed him to the location. The cabin had one large bedroom with two huge beds, a large living room with no couch but three theater chairs. Theater chairs? One for each of us. Fargo sat proudly on his pillow in the middle chair to watch television. The cabin, decorated in early Salvation Army, gave new meaning to “shabby chic.”

    The motorcycle noise  on the nearby state route abated around 10:00 p.m. We sat on the porch in the double rocker each night, looking at the blanket of brilliant stars above. The Milky Way and Big Dipper appeared clearly with no neon or city lights for competition. The cicadas serenaded us with their strong voices. Peace surrounded us.


    We bummed around Mountain View, viewing the ancient hardware store, the flea market and the outstanding Arkansas Craft Guild, an artists’ cooperative. The drive to Heber Springs through curvy roads with a few overlooks refreshed our souls. We ate our best meal in Calico Rock at the Print Shop Café. The café’s profits support their little museum. I loved the antiques shop where I found a lamp which needed a new home. The owner of the shop migrated from Wisconsin nine years ago.

    Calico Roc

    Ruth at Calico Rock cliffs in Arkansas

    Calico Rock appealed to me: the White River, the railroad on a weathered trestle, the friendly shop keepers, the visit to their small, historical museum and the old dilapidated ghost town within the town. The Wisconsin lady gave us directions for a drive to see the colorful cliffs from the other side of the river.


    If you like comfort food, the Mountain View area is a mecca of contentment. We ordered the best peperoni pizza at Tommy’s Famous Pizza, south of town. The pizza caused me to ponder the hospital’s location, in case of a heart attack. The pound of mozzarella cheese added ten pounds of fat to my weight, but ummm-good! Tommy has no salads. Pizza without salad is like a race track with no fumes and noise.

    Going to Walmart was like a bad comic strip circulating on Facebook. I was one of the thinnest people in the place and I’m not skinny.


    Bluegrass music in Mountain View, AR


    We loved the bluegrass music. Musicians played in all three gazebos in the park on Friday and Saturday night. One would say, “How about E flat for this one?” with the possible response, “Let’s try a different key.” The crowd and the musicians enjoyed every minute. I watched the blond who played the fiddle, the bass, the box as a drum, the guitar and, I think, she played the mandolin. Her “slap-the-bass” performance convinced me she played it professionally for years. They traded instruments for different songs. The banjo player reminded me of my dad, whose primary instrument was a banjo. Many religious songs painted long ago memories. Drinking songs, Hank Williams favorites, love songs, and forlorn folk songs. Great fun!


    The Happy Traveler

    The Happy Traveler

    The dog loved our escapade. We allowed him freedom to roam in all but the kitchen when we went out to eat or see the sites. At home he’s leashed for outdoor walks, as he is easily distracted by rabbits and other tantalizing creatures, like dogs and people. We let him go outside unleashed with hesitation. Fargo streaked like fox on a mission, racing around and around the property. And then he returned to the front door, to my great amazement! He smiled broadly, very proud of his accomplishment.

    Mountain View may never see us again as we rarely return to the same place twice, but travel allows relaxing and relishing a different realtiy. Take time to unleash for quiet moments of peace and new adventures.