Life bursts with joy and sadness. When unexpected sadness envelopes us we imagine we can never be happy again. Life may change forever but evolve into new, enriched experiences.

I write stories about uncommon people and places. Whether the person or team is an outstanding entrepreneur, a writer, a paperweight artist, or a volunteer, I hope my readers find insight and inspiration. When I discover a unique place to visit, I want to share it.

Gift of the Suitcase, my latest book, creates an easy present to please someone who likes to travel. Perhaps your friend is traveling through a transition (or two or three). Maybe your friend needs to read this book. It’s available through this website, regular distributors, like Amazon, Barnes and Noble and other resources for e-books and paperbacks.

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MORE Books

If you like books set in Europe, especially in France, you’ll want to visit the Books tab  on this website. Pull down to see MORE books for your reading fun. I added a few of my favorite book titles for your reading enjoyment (after you’ve read Gift of the Suitcase, of course).

My Book

My most recent book, Gift of the Suitcase, is a story of unexpected events, both large and small. It starts when I graduated from college with high expectations for the future. My travel through life proves that twists and turns create unforeseen opportunities.

Amazon Reviews

What was the last book you read? Did someone recommend the book? Was it a choice for your book club? Did a friend share the title with you? Amazon reviews are critical for you and others to determine how you want to spend your time. If you’ve read Gift of the Suitcase, please take a few minutes to share your feedback. It’s important for me to know what you think and for others to decide whether to order the book. THANK YOU, my kind reviewers.

Gift of the Suitcase is available for purchase on the Books tab and other distribution channels. If you prefer ordering through Amazon, their distribution centers are stocked.  View more details on the Writer/Speaker tab.