I love words.  They help or hinder progress and change.  We need the right words to learn and grow.  That’s what I’d like to share with you…words.  I love to write.  I write about careers, fascinating people, places and incidents.  Sometimes I rant and ramble.  I write for you!

I love words.  Sometimes I speak to both small and large groups.  Usually I speak to inspire and encourage you to move forward, especially with your work.

I train people to find new careers and jobs.  Sometimes we must take a job, due to circumstances.  Sometimes we try follow our dreams.  Sometimes we fail and sometimes find we are wildly successful.

Yes, I love words.

Ruth shares how to find MORE than a paycheck through her writing, speaking and training… people, places and transitions.

Ruth wrote MORE than a Paycheck: Inspiration and Tools for Career Change, while she worked as a recruiter and outplacement consultant and actively volunteered with people in job or career change.  Check the articles and buy her book, if you are focusing on career change.

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    Two Sentence Mysteries for Halloween

    A fellow writer dared her readers to write two sentence mysteries for Halloween. I think it’s supposed to help writers become more creative and build confidence. Here are a few quick ones. Feel free to vote for the best one or not! Feel free to submit yours. They can’t be any worse than mine.  Can’t hurt and is fun!

    Ghost at work

    Happy Halloween!

     Mirror on the Wall

    As I passed the mirror, I saw my long dead mother with her wavy brown hair and dark brown eyes who looked old and tired. Then I recognized my profile.

     The Wind Howled

    The dog barked, while the wind howled. I heard noises on the wooden porch, as the little pumpkins rolled around and hit the door repeatedly.

     What’s that Noise?

    As I ascended into the basement, I heard “bump, bump, bump,” creating fear in my breast.  Must be the dang cellphone in my bathrobe pocket again.

    Do Pumpkins Have Feelings?

    Why did the nifty carved pumpkin look like he hated me. “You hurt me,” he croaked!

    Not a Bad Assumption

    These nuts taste stale and tasteless. I bet the Office Manager wants me to bring my pumpkin cake on Friday!

    Am I Brave

    Will I be brave enough to post this trash?  I must be crazy!

    Thank you, Jean Cogdell, for urging us to create something we don’t have any idea how to do!