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Books, books and MORE books. Fascinating books for readers and writers about World War II, foreign places, and knowledge for inspiration.



Books taking place in foreign places

A Good Place to Hide-Peter Grose –written in 2015, historical non-fiction-excellent details about the saving of the Jewish children and adults during WWII by the townspeople in Chambon-sur-Lignon, old photos included.

Lest Innocent Blood Be Shed– Philip Hallie-written in 1979-very detailed, interesting photos-historical non-fiction from a professor’s viewpoint of Chambon-sur-Lignon during WWII.

Doors to Madame Marie-Odette Meyers-written in 1997, novel based on true story, set in Germany

The Nightingale-Kristen Hannah-best seller-excellent novel about WWII

Sarah’s Key-Titiana de Rosnay-another bestseller and movie from 2011 about one family’s Holocaust horrors

All the Light We Cannot See-Anthony Doerr-best seller-excellent WWII story in France and Germany setting

Lilac GirlsMartha Hall Kelly-best seller-a novel based on the sulfa experiments in Ravensbruck, Nazi concentration camp during the Holocaust. Takes place in Germany, Poland, France and the U.S. A story which needs telling but difficult for the overly compassionate to read.

The Last Time I Saw Paris-Lynn Sheene-novel-takes place during WWII

Paris: A Love Story-Kati Marton-memoir about her life as the wife & ex-wife of Peter Jennings

An extensive book list with much insight about Auschwitz and World War II:

MORE books about the Holocaust:

Hidden on the Mountain – DeSaix & Ruelle – Stories of Children Sheltered from the Nazis in Le Chambon (new to list)

Hitler’s Art Thief-Susan Ronald – How Hildebrand Gurlitt succeeded in looting  in the name of the Third Reich

Auschwitz #34207:The Joe Rubinstein Story-Nancy Sprowell Geise – How Joe survived several concentration camps, arrived in the US to become a famous shoe designer through faith and courage.

The Bones of Time-Liliane Richman – A memoir from a Jewish child who lived through the 1940’s. She lived with a Catholic family in Southern France. Later reunited with her family later.

If you have a favorite that takes place in France or other European countries, please let me know at

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Elements of Style-Strunk and White

Write Right!-JanVenolia

English Grammar for DummiesGeraldine Woods

The AP Stylebook-updated periodically

STYLES: Which Fits YOU Best?

You’ve Got a Book in You: A Stress Free Guide to the Book of Your Dreams-Elizabeth Sims

A Writer’s Coach:The Complete Guide to Writing Strategies That Work -Jack Hart (Journalist’s View)

The Writing Life-Annie Dillard

On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft-Stephen King

Bird by Bird-Anne LaMott


Story Engineering– Larry Brooks

Larry Brooks-series for writers

Mystery writers-Larry Brooks is a “must read” for step-by-step approach. The author heard him speak eloquently and acerbically at a writers’ conference.  Check out all his books at your favorite bookstore or online book sellers websites.

Writers Digest-Magazine Subscription-a MUST for all writers